Steel Orchestra of Japan PAN NOTE MAGIC


PAN NOTE MAGIC is a Japanese steelband formed in 2005.
We are playing to convey a wonderful instrument called steelpan.
In 2008, we were certified as a Tokyo Certified Heaven Artist.
It is the first and only steelpan group in Japan.
In the same year, we performed at the Viva Guro Viva Arts Valley in South Korea.
in 2010, we performed at a party held in Jeju Island, South Korea.
As such, we are playing not only in Japan but also overseas.
In 2011, we performed at STB139, one of Japan's most famous live houses, and sold out.
I appeared for 3 years in a row, but all of them were sold out.
In 2011, we appeared as a guest at the West Japan Percussion Festival.
In 2012, we released our major debut album "MAGIC HOUR".
In 2013, we went to Trinidad & Tobago and studied for about 40 days.
And we participated in the panorama as members of the local group.
Some members have participated as members of All Stars since 2012 and have won four times.
Steelpan Legend Ray Holman said, "PAN NOTE MAGIC is the Steelpan Ambassador who will be the bridge between Trinidad & Tobago and Japan."
In 2015, the percussion instrument case maker "Protection Racket" was involved in the development of the steelpan case as an advisor.
In 2020, we passed the "Ale for art Tokyo project (stage type)".
In 2021, our concert project was adopted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs "ARTS for the future!". It's a great honor.
The members are also percussionists and have received many awards.
The highest prize winner of the 15th Japanese Classical Music Competition.
The winner of the 17th Italian Percussion Competition Marimba Division held in Italy in 2019.
The highest prize winner of the percussion newcomer concert sponsored by the Percussion Association.
2nd prize winner of the Romanian International Competition.
3rd place winner of Best Players Contest.
10th place winner in the solo category of Panramajay Steelpan Competition (first Asian)
We play a wide range of songs, including calypso, soca, jazz, classical, pop and original song.
But the biggest attraction of our band is to reproduce the panoramic tune with 7 people.
We love real Trinidad music.


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Trinidad and Tobago, an island country in the Caribbean Sea.
Steelpan is a musical instrument born in this country.
Steelpan is an instrument made from Steel drums.
Said to be the last and largest acoustic instrument of the 20th century, it is also said to be the most soothing instrument in the world.
There are various types of steelpan.
For example, a type that can play a melody.
For example, a type that can play harmony and bass.
The music that can be made by combining various types of steelpan is like an orchestra.
And the steel drum is made of steel.
Therefore, a band made up of steelpan is called a steel orchestra.
The country of birth of Steelpan, Trinidad & Tobago, hosts an annual carnival.
The carnival is said to be one of the three major carnivals in the world, along with the Rio Carnival and the Italian Mask Festival.
The highlight of the Trinidad Carnival is the steelpan contest panorama.
Panorama is a competition where steel bands from all over Trinidad compete for their skills.
In the largest category, more than 100 steelpan players play together in one band.
Many steelpan players from all over the world gather in the panorama.